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Welcome to Flatrok Theme documentaion!

Created: November 24, 2013
Theme By: Polonel
Online Documentation: Online Documentation
Last updated: December 1, 2013


Thank you for purchasing Flatrok Theme. This documentation is focused on helping you setup and customize the Flatrok Theme. If you find that this documentation does not provide you with the required information, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.

Folder Structure

This theme is organized in the following folder structure:

├── css                 -- CSS Stylesheets
│   └── less            -- LESS Stylesheets
├── docs                -- Documentation
│   └── License         -- License Information for various plugins
├── fonts               -- Fonts used in this theme
├── images              -- Images used in this theme
│   └── fancybox        -- Images for the fancyBox plugin
├── js                  -- Javascript plugins and custom scripts
└── php                 -- PHP scripts for contact form

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